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Portfolio: Hairlights Salon
Hairlights Salon is an exclusive Paul Mitchell Focus Salon in Pleasanton, CA. We offer a comprehensive selection of services from hair and beauty to special event applications. Our staff is high energy, friendly, fun and family oriented catering from kids through Sr. Citizens. We also offer a full line of Paul Mitchell products to help you and your hair continue to look great! View site

Website for Hairlights Salon
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I absolutely love working with Charles at 360 Web Studios!  I have owned Hairlights Salon for 6 years now and in the beginning when I set up my website it just did not generate any business.  It was quite boring and the original company did not help much.  I am not very good with computers and do not have much free time so I needed lots of help to create an interesting website. 

When I met Charles I gave him a few thoughts of what I like. He came over to my salon and looked around and asked questions.  Next thing I knew he had me look at the website he created for us and I was just amazed.  The site had movement, color, great facts, and ways to link with our email system.  Any time I need to make changes it is easy and convenient. 

I have increased customer base because of our new website.  Charles made it easy for guests to find us.  The guests especially love our staff profiles.  Thank-you Charles Donaldson from 360 Web Studios!!

Deanna Hinkins
Hairlights Salon
Pleasanton CA



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