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Our Process

At 360 Web Studios we see our relationship with you as being your Website Department verses being simply a vendor.

We take the responsibility of being your technology partner very serious that doesn’t end with the launch of your website. We are here to provide you with continuous support and ideas that will help grow and strengthen your web presence and the ROI of your website.
Step 1 - Learning and Understanding:



As your website partner, information gathering is vital. The first step for us is to learn about your business, your business goals, how you currently market your business and what is the major objective of your website. We also conduct a local competitor analysis so we can understand what your industry is doing. From this information, we can determine what the best design, content and technological strategies will be to create a strong web presence that meets your goals and expectations.


We also provide you with a preparation list that clearly states what we need from you and when.

Step 2 - Content Development



Relevant and properly worded content is extremely important in the success of a website. Search Engines drive ranking based on what they learn by reading the content of a website. They also feed on new and fresh content. The content needs to be rich with pertinent information that includes key search words and phrases. Our experienced team of copywriters will work with you to either edit your text or create new compelling verbiage.

Leverage our experienced editorial staff to produce unique and search-optimized content for your web site or service.


Step 3 - Design and Development



You only have between 10 to 12 seconds to capture some ones attention when they come to your website and convince them to stay and read on. Physiologically our brain first analyzes the site based on if it is professionally designed and eye catching. The presentation must also be relevant to the industry; not that we can’t push the boarders to create you a unique impression. Next the brain reviews the navigation of the site – it must be clear and easy to use – as the viewer is determining if the content they are looking for is available. Finally, the content of the homepage needs to be concise and provide a clear picture of what the website offers.

Our designers will work with you to understand what design flavours you like and will also analyze your local competitor sites so your new website will stand out from the competition.


Step 4 - Development, Coding and Testing


Once the design has been determined, we begin to build your website with an architecture that is search engine friendly and dynamic. We construct all of our websites to allow for expandability and grow as the company grows. We layout your content and decide on the best navigation that will quickly deliver your customers to the information they are searching for. A Call-to-Action is extremely important as you want your website to produces positive results, so web build in “call-to-action” features that drives them to either buy, call or make a request. Finally, your content is implemented and any photos or galleries and other special requirements are added.

If your project requires any custom backend/admin area programming, then we work with you on a project specification and begin coding.

All features of the site are tested and re-tested before final launch. We provide you the opportunity to conduct your own testing and review. Any finally changes are made and tested again


Step 5 - Training



Depending on the dynamics of the website, for example if it incorporates a CMS, custom backend admin feature, EBay Store or Shopping Cart system, then we provide a free one-hour training session with additional sessions available for a small fee. All logins and passwords are provided to the administrative person.


Step 6 - Website Maintenance


Our service doesn’t stop at building your website. The success of a website depends on it being maintained properly and updated regularly. This is a big part of our business and we work with our clients to keep their sites as current as possible. We have plans that provide you the ability to send us the updates and we will make them for you if you have design changes or gallery updates or just want general ideas on how to freshen up the site over time.


Our website maintenance programs aren't limited to the websites we create. In most cases, we can maintain websites that other folks have built. Contact us on how we can help you maintain your website.


There are three types of maintenance:


  • General – dealing with updating the current content
  • Expansion – incorporation additional pages and/or features like SEO, Blogs, etc.
  • Refresh – giving the website a minor or major update to keep current with your business and present design formats

  • We also offer many other maintenance services including
    content development, photo gallery displays, SEO, newsletter and blog writing and more. Call and ask us how we can help keep your website current and fresh.


    Website Design Solutions Portfolio


    Our Website Design Portfolio highlights some of our work in a variety of genres! Each of our clients are unique and we encourage you to view our many Website Solutions as you browse through our Design Portfolio. Click Here to view our Portfolio.

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