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Website Analytics Reporting

It is important to understand how your site is working.


Our Analytics reporting package includes installing Google Analytics enterprise-class web analytics solution that provides you with rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. You will receive a weekly easy to read report covering the past weeks activities.


  • Easy to understand PDF report that is emailed to you weekly
  • The Report contains important information about how people are using your website - including:

    - How many total visits your site has attracted

    - How many individual page views and new visits

    - Graphic presentation of visitors overview

    - Breakdown of traffic sources overview

    - Activity based on individual pages


    - How long people stayed on your site

    - Where did your visitor's come from

    - What search phrases drove them to your website

    - What browser visitors used to view your website

    Sample Report

    Sample Analytics Report

    Google Analytics


    Google Analytics Keywords

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