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Turn your website in to a 24/7 money making machine


Affiliate programs has become very popular in the last few years and many people use them to make money online. Nowadays companies are looking for ways to increase the profitablity of their web site. 360 WEB STUDIOS can help you succeed this result.



What is Affiliate Marketing


What affiliate marketing does is allow third party companies to act as middlemen between another company’s product or service and its potential customers. They do this by advertising on behalf of that company’s product by directly or indirectly pushing it on their own website. In exchange they receive a commission or flat fee for any transaction made.


First let’s look at how this helps the consumer. It does so by providing more ways for people to discover products and services that are relevant to their needs and wants. If they visit a website to get purchase soccer equipment, that website can also list other sports equipment, say baseball. The customer's child or another family member might also be involved in baseball and has now found a source to purchase equipment.

In that example the consumer was helped because they have now found a one-stop website for purchasing sports equipment - they are happy! They had a problem, which was the need for sports equipment. They visited a website for one need and satisfied multiple needs. For the website owner, they were able to sell additional products without purchasing inventory, make additional revenue and they have a happy customer.

Another example would have a person visiting a website because they wanted to use the site’s service. The service may be a forum, a social network, a gambling site, or pretty much anything else. They will then be offered links to products associated with that service. In the gambling example they will likely see links to poker accessories that they can order online. Again, this can easily be seen as a benefit as it brings the e-commerce world closer together.


How to Get Started


360 WEB STUDIOS’s will work with you to determine what company affiliate programs compliment your products and services. We will then register you with the selected programs and create an affiliate page on your website incorporating your new affiliate programs.


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